HomeHero Fire Extinguisher
HomeHero Fire Extinguisher is a provider of household safety devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. HomeHero Fire Extinguisher is also one of the best safety equipment in the company. Common fire extinguishers are often kept in a private place – such as sheds, because their design sometimes affects the beautiful space of the home.… (0 comment)

Modular Wine Glass
Are you a wine enthusiast? If the answer is “Yes”, I believe you also feel like me that it is difficult to carry the glasses of wine during the picnic. Because the cabinets or picnic baskets do not have enough space to packed all of them. Although they were packed very carefully, we were worried… (0 comment)

Just Mail It
It is a new concept for manufacturers of a kind of prepaid return mailing label whait is inside the cell phone itself. When the user does not want the phone or more, they can simply strip the label out, paste it on the phone, and just mail it off. Labels can be stuck inside the… (0 comment)

Sink Bowl
The Sink Bowl is a creative porcelain bowl created by the industrial designer Sherwood Forlee. The Sink Bowl consists of two stacked porcelain bowls. The bottom of the bowl above has a small hole covered by a rubber button. Sounds strange? In fact, this bowl is made for those who like to eat instant noodles.… (0 comment)

Stapleless Paper
Stapleless Paper are loose sheets of paper with a slot in the left corner. This slot allows the paper to slip in and self -locking tab. Can lock up to 20 sheets, keep it secure and error free. Stapleless Paper can restrict the use of staples, paper clips, and other binding methods. Via: sherwoodforlee.com… (0 comment)

Instant Photo Frame
What is Instant Photo Frame? It’s a built-in frame, which helps you frame your photos right away. The simplest way is to put them in front of the camera, take a shot and shoot. Immediately your picture is framed, in its own way. With Instant Photo Frame, you do not have to pay a frame… (0 comment)

Frozen Pizza
The goal is to provide customers with a novel frozen pizza concept. The project started with research on existing products, the need to eat pizza. Next to the user study, things are more relevant than eating pizza. And then the progress is made, which is more about pizza than the first two. A few hundred… (0 comment)

New Lamp
New Lamp is a table lamp designed based on the shape of the Museum of Contemporary Art SANAA located in central Manhattan, New York, USA. Construction: Laser cut translucent white acrylic with cool-white fluorescent bulb Dimensions: H 16″ x W 6.5″ x L 9″… (0 comment)

Sleep Safe Tape
What happen if you are caught by your supervisor for sleeping on the working hour? Warning. Of course, it will be. But it is the final warning letter for you? You know, we are circled in many jobs, relationship, family, children… You can handle all of them but we can be unavoidable tired and you… (0 comment)