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The Easy PB&J Jar – Especially Design Container Of Nut Butter

The Easy PB&J Jar – Especially Design Container Of Nut Butter
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Almost of us always try to get the last peanut butter at the bottom of jar. And how many times can you not get that last teaspoon-full? To solve this issue, Sherwood Forlee designed a jar which is a 21 st century design solution. It is the Easy PB&J Jar.
The Easy PB&J Jar is a container with slick walls, completely round. This Jar is created with especially and differently caps that caps is at each end. Now when you want to get last peanut butter at the bottom of the jar, you won’t have to find every tools in your silverware to do. You just do unscrew the bottom and take your butter.

Even more, The Easy PB&J Jar is created with straight sides and corners that can help you scraping out last little bits easier.

Easy PB&J Jar

You can use Easy PB&J Jar for lots of different goods such as almond butter, cashew butter, pistachio butter, hazelnut butter, macadamia butter, hazelnut butter, or any other but butter. You can also think of mayonnaise, jams, jellies, fruit spreads, honey, pâtés, and other pastes.

However, you can not easily transfer your butter from their old jar to Easy PB&J Jar unless the manufactures start packaging there products in container similar or you make nut butter or jam at home by yourself.

Easy PB&J Jar

In my opinion, If you care of bio-waste, safety material for your health, you should choose your favorite manufactures. Once you can trust that your favorite manufactures create the jars with good material and safe for health, I think you will be satified and fun. Anyway, If you are worried about food waste, use it.

Via: sherwoodforlee.com

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