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Top 4 Music Bluetooth Speakers And All Benifits Of Them

Top 4 Music Bluetooth Speakers And All Benifits Of Them
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Do you like me? I always want to bring music to wherever I am. Previously, headphones would be the preferred option. But headphones can not share my own music with others, as well as can not stream video and more. That’s why music bluetooth speakers ( Bluetooth audio speak ) is created with great gadgets.

What is music bluetooth speaker?

These bluetooth speakers work with the help of wireless technology. They receive audio signals from another device they are paired with, such as computers, smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Then, the device will play back the sound with the help of their available amplifiers.

For the highest performance from this wireless device, noise reduction is the golden rule. Place the bluetooth speaker in the same room where you put the device connected to it.

Today, bluetooth speakers have more diverse designs. It is easy to find a high quality bluetooth speaker available in a compact size and various colors

In addition, most top bluetooth speakers offer either a cable or a plug for the cable. This will allow you to pair your bluetooth speaker with any device without bluethooth capability. Top speaker brands always know how to satisfy you, and give you more reasons to choose their product with such useful features.

What are the benefits of music bluetooth speakers?

  • Since it’s possible to connect wirelessly to smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices you have, use is relatively easy. You can bring to the park, beach, … where there are people who want to listen to music together. It is suitable for picnic, traveling, camping, bathing, etc.
  • Speakers come from the best speakers brands that can work in most environments where other speakers are easily damaged. For example: sand, dusty car garage, … Some good bluetooth speakers are also resistant to water from the pool or water spilled.
  • The size of the bluetooth is not too big, so you can use it in a small and narrow space like your room, or it can be a small house. Especially small size, but you will not be disappointed in the quality of sound that they bring.

What are the best Bluetooth speakers ?

  1. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker, Black.

I am currently using Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker, Black. Its price is $ 224.99 (price has dropped on amazon.com). This is a bit pricey compared to my expectations but I am very satisfied with its quality and classic design. Sounds very clear and accurate even at high levels. Hook it up wirelessly via the latest version of Bluetooth, featuring aptX technology, use the RCA plugin to plug in your player, or simply connect the coil cord that’s included to your phone using the 3.5mm auxiliary input. Stanmore comes with two standby modes, powersaver and standard, to minimize your speaker’s environmental impact when not actively in use. However, this design is somewhat picky.

Via amazon.com

  1. Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker

If you love the design of the younger and lower price and the quality is still good, then choose a product of a long-standing speaker brand, namely: Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker. This type has wireless range up to 30 feet. Bluetooth wireless connectivity with voice prompts, easy to make calls, quick access to siri and google. There are two Soundlink Revolve speakers. This speakerphone is available in Triple black or lux gray. Included: sound link Revolve Bluetooth speaker; USB cable; wall charger.

Via amazon.com

  1. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II

Another Bose product. The most prominent feature of this product is the ability to resist water. Compact design but extremely powerful sound.

Via amazon.com

This design has very youthful colors: black, sky blue, black, white …

What I do not like about this product is that it has an 8-hour recharge time, although it can be recharged using a USB hub. At the same time, The SoundLink Color II does have an auxiliary jack on it.

  1. DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass

Via amazon.com

This is a product designed and sold exclusively by DOSS. This design is priced much lower than the above products. Its sound is high resolution, and possesses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It automatically reconnects to the last device you used. In my opinion, its sound quality is good. Color design is also young, suitable for the majority. In addition, the other work point for this product is the battery time is 12 hours and resorption is very fast in 3 – 4 hours.

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