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Sleep Safe Tape

Sleep Safe Tape
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What happen if you are caught by your supervisor for sleeping on the working hour? Warning. Of course, it will be. But it is the final warning letter for you? You know, we are circled in many jobs, relationship, family, children… You can handle all of them but we can be unavoidable tired and you just need keep your eyes close a bit. Even sometimes you can’t control and fall in sleep at your working table, or meeting… What a horible! Sleep Safe Tape is created to help you getting off the case like that.

Sleep Safe Tape was amazing design by Sherwood Forlee. You can camouflage your sleeping eyes at the office with a tape only.

sleep safe tape

This safe tape is a roll of standard transparent with a pictures of an eye printed along the lenghth of the tape. It is designed to use more for officers. It will also be suitble, if you are student and want to deal with the sleeping in the lectures, conversations after you have to finish a lot of homeworks and overtime.

Via: sherwoodforlee.com

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